​    Frontline Executive Protection offers a wide variety of services to all industries. We are able to provide Armed Security Officers (ASO) and Unarmed Security Officers (USO) 24-hours, 7 days a week, all year long to protect your clients, employees, guest and property. All security officerse will report any essential information that they have gathered during the duration of their respective shift. Information is then transcribed onto a Daily Activity Report (DAR) and/or Incident Report (IR). 


  • Alarm Response

  • ATM Service & Standby

  • Bank Escort Services

  • Fire Watch

  • Loss Prevention

  • On-site Security Services (Armed/Unarmed)

  • Parking Lot Enforcement

  • Special Event Security (Birthday/ Concerts/ Graduations/ Sweet 15s/ Weddings/ etc)

  • Vehicle Patrol Service


  • Business Complex

  • Cold & Dry Storage

  • Commercial Property

  • Corporate Security

  • Construction Sites

  • Distribution Centers

  • Hotel / Motel

  • Medical Centers/ Hospital

  • Restaurants

  • Retail / Shopping Centers

  • Residential Communities

Unarmed Security Officer (USO)

Unarmed Security Officers are one of our most requested services by business owners. Business owners are able to have a professionally trained and uniform security officer to deter criminal activity. These officers offer a less-intimidating presence and are ideal for special events, parking lot enforcement, corporate security, restaurants, etc.

Armed Security Officer (ASO)

Armed Security Officers who have completed extensive training required by both the State of California and Frontline Executive Protection. Training that includes but not limited to the following: Advance Firearm Tactics, Diffusing Aggressors and Real-Life Scenarios. Armed Officers are assigned to locations where the Threat Level or Crime Rate is High. Areas such as Banks, Construction Sites, Low-Income Housing and Vehicle Patrol.

​Vehicle Patrol Services

      Frontline Executive Protection offers an affordable and effective vehicle patrol service for a wide variety of location such as; commercial properties, construction sites, industrial warehouse, as well as addressing numerous other situation such as Alarm Response and Emergency Response. Our patrol officers are trained in the latest in methodologies and technology to reduce the risk of theft, vandalism and to ensure the continued security and safety of your employees, guest and property.

  • Dedicated/Roving patrols

  • Scheduled/Random patrol patterns

  • Lockup and Unlock of Buildings, Gates, etc.

  • Traffic Control

  • Respond to Service Calls

  • Parking Enforcement

  • Parking Lot Control

  • Maintenance Reports (Ex: Lighting, Sprinklers, Gates, Etc.)

  • Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

  • Assisting local Law Enforcement as needed/requested

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