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Frontline Executive Protection offers 24-hours uniformed security services to diverse client base. Our security officers are professionally trained and full equipped to handle your security needs. We are committed to ensuring the protection and safety of all your employees, guest and visitors as well as securing your company's assets. 


Our security officers are trained to:

  •     Patrol all areas and buildings on-site.

  •     Escort and Remove unauthorized personal found on property.

  •     Conduct security and baggage checks as required

  •     Promptly respond to any emergency situation

  •     Assist and Coordinate with local Emergency Services

  •     Complete daily activity log and incident report during each shift. 

Corporate Security

Unarmed Security Officer (USO)

Unarmed Security Officers are an important aspect to daily operations. Even if it is to simply monitor those entering a certain location. By having an authority figure onsite, it is possible to deter illicit or unwanted activities without unnecessary risk, intimidation or liability. A perfect example of unarmed security service are often used to deter activities like loitering, shoplifting, trespassing and vandalism. Unarmed Security Officer are equipped with flashlights, handcuffs, pepper spray and tasers. Churches, Schools, Special Events, Restaurants and Retail Shopping Centers are the most common locations to see Unarmed Security Officers. 

Armed Security Officer (ASO)

Frontline Executive Protection has a fully staffed and well trained armed division that is prepared to be deployed at any time to protect lives, property, and assets. All armed security officer must have passed a gun safety course and are subject to retesting on an ongoing basis. All state and federal licenses are also checked and filed on record. A weapon is great for protection, but the criteria of the officer holding the weapon is the most important characteristic. Frontline Executive Protection makes sure that if the situation warrants it, you can be confident that our officers will handle it legally and professionally. ATM Services Banks, Jewelers, Corporate and Government Buildings are some examples where Armed Security Officers are utilized. 

security patrol car.jpg

​Mobile Patrol Services

      Our Mobile Patrol Services is one of the best and the most cost effective security solution available. Whether you have one property or multiple properties to secure, this service is designed to deter and reduce criminal activity, enforce rules and regulations. Mobile Patrol Services are able to cover far more ground at a greater pace making them more efficient. This is accomplished by deploying vehicles with highly visible security decals and vibrant emergency lighting system, along with using the latest in patrol methodologies and technology. Our Security Patrol Officers are required to complete patrol logs detailing what they observed, report maintenance issues and other important information. 

Alarm Response

We provide alarm response service so you can rest easy that your business or property is safe at all times. Upon receiving an alarm activation from your alarm company, we will immediately dispatch a Security Patrol Officer to your business/property. Once they arrived our Security Patrol Officer will complete a full assessment and patrol of the property and notify our management team of their findings. Our management team will then reach out to you and inform you of the findings. In the event of a break-in or serious damage our officer will remain on site until a representative from your company arrives. 

Service Include:

  • Alarm Response

  • Emergency / Disaster Response

  • Employee / Guest Escorts

  • Fire Watch

  • Key Holder (Lock/Unlock)

  • Randomized Patrol

  • Service Calls

  • Static Patrol

  • Traffic Control

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